Cooking Gas Price decreased by Rs: 25 per cylinder

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has decreased the price of cooking gas by Rs: 25 per cylinder. New price is effective from Tuesday midnight according to NOC.

The price of cooking gas is Rs: 1325 per cylinder in the market. Earlier the cost of a single cylinder was Rs : 1350.
At that time the profit per cylinder was Rs : 96 for NOC. Now, the profit of NOC will decline along with the new adjusted price. The price of other petroleum Products like petrol and diesel is as usual.

New Fuel Price:

  1. Cooking Gas  : Rs 1325 per cylinder.
  2. Petrol             : Rs 98 per liter.
  3. Diesel            : Rs 74 per liter.
  4. Kerosene      : Rs 74 per liter.
  5. Aviation Fuel : Rs 82 per liter. (Domestic Flight)
  6. Aviation Fuel : Rs 73 per liter. (International Flight)

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